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Have you ever attempted to download something from the internet and you are required fill in a survey before you can complete the download. It is always very annoying, right? If you have had the encounter, then you know what I mean.

Some websites offer free content yet require you to first fill in a survey which may cost you money eventually making you pay for the content in an indirect way.

Why some files’ downloads have surveys?


Depending on how premium the content is and how rare the file is, some content creators deem it necessary to use to use surveys and content blockers to secure their contented from leechers. This way, they are able to see to it that only individuals who truly need the content gain access to it.


Also, some content takes developers time and a great deal of efforts to produce and release the content. This means that downloads can only be made by those who are willing to give some of their time in return. Consequently, their content is used by those who want and won’t abuse it.


Most of these surveys are intended to make money by the individuals or the tea displaying them. They are paid for every successful survey completed. The surveys are integrated with the files in such a way that one has to fill them up in order access the content.


You can optionally forfeit completing the survey by clicking the close (X) button in the pop-up, but most of them do not even provide the option thus making it obligatory for one to complete it. To make it worse, most at times you will end up being redirected to the wrong download files other than the intended, even after completing the survey.

Some of the popular notorious survey sites are:


There are a lot more survey sites but these are the most popular ones.

How do surveys affect your browsing experience?


On my opinion, „extremely“ is the word I would use to appropriately explain how much effect these surveys have on one’s browsing experience. It can as well be classified as a form of harassment that one has to fill in a survey in order to gain access to certain content.

The surveys can easily drive you crazy; however, this does not have to be the case anymore. You do not have to grumble at those who invented the surveys anymore since we now have a solution for you: The Survey Bypasser.

It is a tool which is meant to help you bypass any type of online surveys and content blocker that exists online today. Be it Cleanfiles, Sharecash, Adworkmedia, Fileice, Firecash, Dreamcash, Astrocash, cpagrip, cpalead, and many more others. Name any surveying site and it’s not much for this Survey Bypasser. This tool is all you need to bypass all CPA and PPD networks’ security in the easiest way ever.

How it works?


During downloads, when one is demanded to complete a survey in order to proceed with the file’s download, the tool helps to skip on the survey, thus earning it the names survey bypasser, survey passer or survey skipper tool.

It automatically detects a survey script on a certain URL and finds the direct link to download the files intended.



  • Supports all Survey Sites- this is the ultimate survey bypasser for all survey provider sites online today.
  • User-friendly- its interface cannot get any user-friendlier. It is the easiest to use in the market. Bypass all surveys and content blockers in just a few clicks of the buttons.
  • Indicates progress- the survey bypasser indicates to the user, how far down the download they are gone. It shows the download percentage of the file being downloaded.
  • Multiple URLs- this application software enables one to bypass multiple download sites’ surveys and content blockers at a go, consequently saving you time and effort required to download.
  • Free download and updates – the survey bypasser is free to download from the internet and more to that, the updates are all free and automatic.
  • Compatibility- the application is all round compatible and works efficiently with the highest number of windows operating systems, ranging all the way from; windows XP, windows vista, windows 7, windows 8 and windows 10.

Does it really work?


This is 100% working survey bypasser. It is put together by a team of highly skilled software developers, thereby guaranteeing you optimal performance. It will bypass all existing surveys and content blockers.

Is it really free?


It is totally free of any initial or subsequent charges. It comes to you 100% free for download. All you need is your PC to download the application and begin making downloads on the survey sites right away.

Is using Survey Bypasser safe?


Yes! Use of survey bypasser is 100% safe. It doesn’t hamper your PC or your browser in any way. It is fundamentally built for the purpose of unblocking unwanted surveys to promote convenient browsing.

Download it and avoid the disruption that comes with surveys. It won’t let you down!

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